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First race was organised as early as 1902, from Côte d’Azur to Istria. Peak of early racing in Istria is Alpenfahrt, the most prestigious race in the world at that time. Predecessor of contemporary WRC was driven through Istria 1911-14. It covered approximately 3000 km and attracted up to 80 cars. start and finish in Vienna and attracted drivers like Archduke Karl Franz Joseph (later Austro-Hungarian emperor), August Horch (Audi founder) and Sylvain de Jong (Minerva founder).
After WWI Istria became part of Italy. In dawn of WWII Mussolini forbid Italian teams to race at the French GP so they organized a race in Abbazia on the same day. Unusual all Maserati Prix race saw 9 of them at start and Luigi Villoresi, still shaken from the death of his brother three weeks earlier, winning an easy victory.

List of all races in Istria region until 1945:
1902, 10-11 April, Nice-Opatija, tour
1911, 13-16 May, 2nd Alpenfahrt, road race
1911, 4th June, 1st Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Otto Hieronimus, Laurin & Klement
1912, 16-23 June, 3rd Alpenfahrt, road race, winner Audi 14/35PS Type C Pheaton Alpensieger
1913, 22-29 June, 4th Alpenfahrt, road race, winner Alexander Graumüller, Audi 14/35PS Type C Pheaton Alpensieger
1913, 24 May-1 July, Tatry-Adriatic, road race
1914, 14-23 June, 5th Alpenfahrt, , road race, winner August Horch, Audi 14/35PS Type C Pheaton Alpensieger
1923, August, Alpine Cup, road race
1926, 4th June, 2nd Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Emilio Ricchetti, Bugatti
1927, 3rd Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Baron Ettore Franchetti, Diatto 2600 Corsa
1928, 30th Septembre, 4th Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Gildo Strazza, Lancia Lambda
1928, Padova-Trento-Fiume, road race
1929, 5th Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Achille Varzi, Alfa Romeo 6C 1750
1929, 22nd September, 1st Abbazia – Monte Maggiore, hill climb, winner Cesare Pastore, Maserati T26
1930, 6th Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Tazio Nuvolari, Alfa Romeo P2
1930, 8th September, 2nd Abbazia – Monte Maggiore, hill climb, winner Heinrich Joachim von Morgen, Bugatti T35B
1931, 7th Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Luigi Catalani
1931, 21st May – 7th June, International 10,000 Kilometre Automobilclub von Deutschland Rally
1932, 12th June, 8th Triste-Opicina, hill climb
1939, 9th Trieste-Opicina, hill climb, winner Guido Kozmann, Lancia Aprilia
1939, 9th July, Primo Circuito del Carnaro, voiturette race at Circuito di Carnaro, winner Luigi Villoresi, Maserati 4CL

1939, 9th July, Adriatic Prix, voiturette race at Circuito di Carnaro - Luigi Villoresi in Maserati 4CL at start

1914, 5th Alpenfahrt route