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Mario Andretti
One of only two drivers to win races in Formula One, IndyCar, World Sportscar Championship and NASCAR was born in heart of Istria, Montona (Motovun), in 1940. As a child fled with family from communist dictatorship to USA and became the most famous American racing driver.

Andrea de Adamich
Accomplished saloon and sport-car racer who performed solidly when asked to race in F1 where he was one of the few drivers to have worn spectacles to race. Born in 1941 Trieste (Trst) in family originated from Rijeka (Fiume) where his ancestor Andrija Ljudevit Adamić (Andrea Lodovico de Adamich, 1776-1828) had been the wealthiest and most powerful merchant.

Oscar and Gino Jankovits
Petrol-head brothers are constructors of highly innovative sport car. Engineer Eugenio (1911-1993) and architect Ferruccio (1912-2000) in their home city Rijeka (Fiume) 1935-39 conceived a chassis with RMR layout, three seats in a row with driver in a middle, aerodynamic body and Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 engine.